Liquid Fasting 2.0

In this simple step by step guide, you'll learn the oldest healing practice in the world and foundational ways to effectively detoxify your body with health enhancing liquid foods while hacking the benefits with more ease and less restriction.

While fasting is effective, it's not the easiest experience to embark on without proper instruction. In this guide you'll find all my top mindset tips and liquid recipes to make your experience seamless.

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Why Fasting?

Nowhere near the latest and greatest diet trend, fasting is an ancient tried and true way of enhancing ones health.

Instead of searching for some exotic, never-before-tried diet miracle, ancient healing traditions of the past (the WAY past) are being honoured more and more for the immense power they hold. Fasting is one of the most ancient healing traditions in human history. This solution has been practiced by virtually every culture and religion on earth for medical and spiritual purposes.

Fasting provides your body with a break from focusing on the digestion process, lowering blood sugar, lessening inflammation, and bringing ease and energy to your bodies natural healing systems to detoxify, heal, regenerate, and reset your system.

When done correctly, liquid fasting can lengthen your life, sharpen your mind, enhance your health, and build your resilience to illness.

What You'll Find in This Comprehensive Guide

Foundations of Fasting

Learn 4 powerful ways for fasting effectively with options for your present health goals and lifestyle needs.  

Open the Detox Channels

Enjoy multiple healing recipes from juices, to teas, to creamy drinks and elixirsand soups to support your cleansing and your tastebuds.

Supplements+ Hacks

Support your wellbeing with leading edge hacks for greater detoxification, healing, and replenishment.

Utilizing ancient practices we support your bodies largest organ and GI tract to expel toxins quickly and help relieve detox symptoms.

Satisfying Recipes

includes detail information, instruction, and recipes, alongside 3 in depth videos for more exploration.

Hi, Im Stacey Rae.

For the past ten years I've been implementing and lets be honest experimenting with liquid fasting. I once did a 91 day liquid fast! Needless to say I've learnt what works, what doesn't, and how to make it both comfortable and effective. With over 15 years experience in the holistic health industry studying nutrition and sports performance, and now executive and entrepreneurial performance, I can say this is the most powerful and effective way to not only cleanse your body but also your mind!

I created this guide to cut through the confusion and share the secrets that have supported me to have successful fasts every time.

Fasting is not a fad or something created recently, this is an ancient practice that simply makes sense.

in this email and audio, I go into an introduction to liquid fasting with a couple ideas to consider for your first fast.



You'll receive the entire Guide including full explanation, recipes, and instruction for your fasting experience. 

Bonus : In Depth Video Q & A

The Guide


You'll receive full access to the Guide, Bonus Video, Instructions, Recipes.

Includes : 1on1 Coaching from Stacey Rae for a Customized Approach

The Guide


disclaimer : this is not for everyone. you should always consult your doctor and/or naturopath before embarking on any fasting or detoxification process.

How is this different then the juice cleanse's I see?

While juice is a great component of an effective liquid fast there are many additional aspects that can be included for more satisfaction and efficacy of the detoxification process. Many people find solely juice spikes cravings and reduces the length of time they can maintain a liquid fast.

I love food, am I even going to be able to do this?

ME TOO. I hear you. Yes, I offer many recipes in this fast that support cravings and also how to address the mind chatter as you shift a natural routine you've had for your whole life, eating three times a day. Fasting is as much in your mind as it is in what you're not consuming.

Will I be able to still work and function normally?

I offer some clear ideas to consider of the first two days of cleansing, and the following days implementing the guide's insights, you'll be fine to do light work (not labour or heavy lifting) and maintain normal routines within reason.

frequently asked Q's

What are the benefits?

They vary based on what your lifestyle, health, and the tips you follow from the guide, however many people notice increases in energy, noted enhancements in mental performance, improved digestion, feeling clean and clear, and moderate weight loss.

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